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Night Songs

Night Songs is children's book for very young readers from author and illustrator Anne Miranda. It's perfect for bedtime reading. As children read along with this lullaby, they will enjoy finding the animals that sing the night songs in the illustrations. Night Songs is illustrated with cut-paper collage.

The genesis of the book came from my son, Tyler. When he was a very little baby, he always cooed, as rocked him to sleep. When he stopped I knew he was asleep. One night as I was putting him to bed after one of his little night songs, this book came to me fully-written in a woosh. I put him down and rushed into my office to write down what had been sent to me, as if taking dictation. This has happened to me a rare few times in my life…and I am eternally grateful to the sender.

I was given the huge privilege of illustrating the book. I am not a trained artist, nor had I ever illustrated anything before, so the publisher took a big gamble. The illustrations were entered into the Society of Illustrators show in the year the book was originally published and the book got many good reviews based on the art.

Tyler is all grown up and is, unlike me, a trained illustrator. He and I are making YouTube videos to bring some of my work back to life. We have come full circle! We hope you enjoy it.

Here’s our newest video, Night Songs…

The book has been re-published and is available on Amazon. Night Songs:

New Book

I'm very happy to announce that I will have a new book on the market soon.  It's to be published by Simon&Schuster under the direction of Paula Wiseman. The publication date has not been determined, but the illustrator is Eric Comstock, who is busily working away as we speak.  The book is a story in rhyme about some little shapes that get tangled up in a jungle gym. The entire geometric community comes to the rescue.  Looking forward with great anticipation to this book which will be a fun read at home or in school.

Illustration by Eric Comstock

Illustration by Eric Comstock


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