Anne Miranda

children's book author

Who Said Boo?

One dark and gloomy Halloween, a brave little girl is spooked right in her very own home. With her loyal and feisty pooch by her side, she sets out to catch who…or what…is trying to trick her. Young trick-or-treaters will delight in spotting clues as to who the culprits might be when they open oversized pull-out pages and flaps.

Ross Collins's dynamic artwork is the perfect match for award-winning author Anne Miranda's hilarious Halloween story.

Published by: Disney-Hyperion
Date published: 08/2003/2
Edition: 1 edition (August 1, 2003)

ISBN: 078680811X
Available in Hardcover

My 4 year old absolutely loves this book! He actually received this book for his birthday by someone and I was initially unsure that he would like it, boy was I wrong! It is his favorite, we ended up having to tell him that we wouldn’t read it all year long because he wanted it read every night!
— Lorrie (Amazon Customer Review)
Gatefolds and flaps conceal goblins and ghouls in Who Said Boo? by Anne Miranda and Ross Collins, about a plucky girl’s attempt to find the titular boo-sayer.
— Publishers Weekly

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