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My grandmother worked at Korner & Wood, a very elegant bookstore in Cleveland, Ohio, for 30 years. It was a magical place filled with books, art and antiques….a wonderland for an inquisitive child. I can still see it in my mind’s eye and hold it dear in my memory.

Back in the day, before chain stores and Amazon, book sellers had personal relationships with publishers and authors and also, very importantly, with their customers. My grandmother gave well-informed recommendations to clients who relied on her judgement when choosing a new read or giving books as gifts. I was lucky to have been given many well-chosen books when I was very little. The Tale of Peter Rabbit was probably the first book my grandmother bought for me. I remember her reading it to me long ago…and being sternly warned not to go into Mr. McGregor’s garden.

I’ve recently begun a YouTube channel. In addition to my own books, I decided to also narrate stories from my childhood, especially those with special memories, such as Peter Rabbit. Beatrix Potter was a must for people of my age and I hope children today will find her stories as charming as I did. So, I ‘m recording these as a tribute to my grandmother who enriched my life so greatly with her love of books.

Hattie Evans

Hattie Evans


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